by The Lies

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Recorded on 12/14/13 by Sean Farrelly and Tom Fett.
Mixed and Mastered by Kevin Carafa.
All songs written and played by the lies.


released January 1, 2014



all rights reserved


The Lies West Milford, New Jersey

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Track Name: don't know what you have
nobody said it would be easy
i didn't know it'd be this hard
i've got to give it all that i've got
i already have come this far

you don't know what you have
you take it all for granted
choke on that silver spoon
darwin still rules this planet

i think that you are pretty heartless
that just shows how big my heart is
thought i was free, but now i'm really free
now i just know who i need to be
Track Name: don't lose your faith
looked inside to see why i was alive
found a goal for which i constantly strive
i want peace of mind, compromise is fine

if you know what its for, no one but you can close that door

i was troubled with the problems of others
all of their problems became mine
can't change you
i can only change me,
and by changing me I hope to set you free

whatever freedom means

as the leaves fall from the trees
dying from nature's disease
when you're down on your knees, looking for a quick release

will you see his face?
does it have a face?
don't give up now
...don't lose your faith
Track Name: work
you say its over
everything's been done
speak for yourself
nobody else

i'm in the streets
when you look down
you couldn't stand
without the ground

you don't know me
but i know you
and what you are
i see through

don't look back
won't turn around
will never lose
what I have found

inside of me
i feel a change
can't see the future
but its in my range
Track Name: somehow you still can't
i've grown tired of how you think about me
let's get one thing straight, you don't care about me
you think I can't see through your plan?
how stupid do think i really am?

legs too tired to understand
somehow i still do, somehow you still can't
i'm better off without you
i don't think i was ever even with you
Track Name: deep on the inside
when the cold sinks in
when the snow begins to fall
you're gonna crawl inside
deep on the inside

shallow grave on a mountain top
feels like this pain shall never stop
it doesn't stop when you're done diggin'
the end for some is a new beginning

please lord don't make my mother cry
she's see too many people die
please lord keep my father strong
he stands tall, but he's human after all
Track Name: you and me
it's only now i believe in my songwriting ability
i spent so much time thinking that i wasn't good enough
but now that i truly see that it comes down to you and me
establishing some form of communication

it ain't easy to just sing about these things
that's just why i do it - that's the challenge all truth brings

i just wanna pack up my car
quit my job and drive real far
but you can only run away for so long
i finally believe that i just need to trust what i see
follow my heart given the situation

i feel that I was older, but I've grown much younger
my childhood wonder is what fuels this hunger
Track Name: living on
well, i believe in love, but it don't believe in me
well, i need your love, but it don't need me
and i'll keep talking and talking
there ain't no one around
and i'll keep walking and walking til i'm six feet underground
living on through this sound